Letter From Suresh

Date: 07/02/2019

Dear Church Family,
Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope everybody is doing well. I reached my family safe in India after 24 hours long flight. I met my family at 9.30 am on June 13. They came to air port to receive me. My tow kids ran and hugged me after them my wife too. We traveled together in a rental car for 5 hours to reach my home town. My Guitar was missed in Mumbai, India. I got it two dates ago with a lot of hard work to collect it. I had to travel back to airport 24 hours to collect it

I apologize for late communication, because I was in jet lag for four days and became busy in visiting various villages to tell my story and shared all my sweet memories with each individual in Marion Baptist Church. I took rest one day on June 14 and went to visit my wife's home town on June 15. It was 10 hours train journey. I was so anxious and curious to tell about Marion Baptist Church Family how they loved me as their own brother. I could not stop myself to tell about my sickness. I waited until June 16 which was Sunday. My plan was to share my testimony in front of congregation and my wife should listen how the Marion Baptist Church sent me back to Indian to be safe and alive. I never revealed her before about my health problem until June 16 even I visited many times my family in India on each summer break every year. I started sharing my testimony by asking the people questions about cancer patients. I was watching my wife’s feelings. After few question I told them that I had a bladder tumor and was told by well experienced doctor that I was going to die within three months. I looked into my wife’s face while I was telling about my sickness. She shocked and started crying. Then I told how God healed me and strengthen me through the prayers of my Marion Baptist Church family and it’s never ending love. Everybody was shocked and the whole church was pin drop silent. Some of them opened their mouth and never closed it until the end of my story. They were with over joy and started praising Him. I stayed with the people for ten days and spent valuable time in discussing about US Culture and most of the time about my relation with Marion Baptist Church. I showed them pictures and videos that I had with all of you when I was in US. They were very happy to see all different expressions, hair styles, dress codes and Santa (Mr. Joe). I am only one highly qualified and

 international teaching experienced person in that whole village and hence they respect, recognize and like me with great honor. Because the Marion Baptist Church sent me back to them alive, they were very happy and said thanks to everyone in Marion. They are praying for all of you. Especially my wife and my two kids are filled with gratitude towards Marion Baptist Church by joining their two palms together to say thanks in Indian style. Because I told them that they could see me alive today because of God’s grace, your prayers and each and every movement how you showed God’s love. I asked the villagers to pronounce Marion Baptist Church. They shouted and said thanks to all of you.

I am working on registering the society in the name of Marion Baptist Church. India for which I have to select very reliable God fearing people to be in the committee. I sent some pictures to Mr. Joe and Mr. Adam and Mr. Duck. I could not write any comments on those pictures because I thought you could understand the work is being done among such poor people. The great work is in the progress and I will send some more pictures and videos in near future with meaningful comments if needed. I hope some of the sent pictures were shown in the church. It is my great privilege to carry the name Marion Baptist Church to the other side of the earth. I may be thousand miles away from you, but you are always in our hearts and minds.

I am in the learning process in this missionary work and a lot of fabulous work is in front of me. I know Marion Baptist Church have been sending many people to various parts of different countries and strengthening many missionaries. I am proud to be a representative on behalf of Marion Baptist Church to work in India and would like to be humble under great spiritual leaders and highly knowledgeable administration. Keep praying for me. Teach me and guide me. I am ready to follow all your guide lines, take your advices and valuable suggestions to be fruitful and successful in his mighty name. Convey my best wishes to everybody in the church. For all HIS glory.

With lots of love,

Suresh Dasari.

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